• What I'm Working on Now

    CEO, Smart RIA

    Smart RIA is a software as a service startup located in Knoxville, TN that simplifies compliance for the registered investment advisor community, which is regulated by the individual states and the SEC.

    We've been growing at over 13% month over month since leaving beta in August of 2016.

    Investor: Audiohand

    One of the tech startups in which I'm a seed investor is Audiohand: an iOS app for quickly and easily making beautifully-mixed recordings of live music with nothing more than your phone.

    Audiohand won a software patent for its unique method of recording and mixing music, and has 1000s of users.

    VIEO Design

    Partner: VIEO Design

    As Smart RIA reaches each new growth benchmark, it is in no small part because I spent years honing my leadership, digital strategy and marketing chops while working with the amazing team at VIEO Design.


    VIEO specializes in high-end website design, inbound marketing, and general awesomeness, and I'm proud to remain a non-active partner there.

  • My father considered a walk among the mountains as the equivalent of churchgoing. 

    - Aldous Huxley

  • About Me

    A little about me, the things I'm good at, and my work-related passions.

    Mac pitching Instartly to investors


    Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing, Psychology

    I've been an entrepreneur since 1999, an online marketer since 1997, and a student of people and psychology since 1987. I've made my share of mistakes, garnered enough wins to keep me going, and have proven ability to help my customers to succeed, regardless of whether they have small needs or big ones.

    This section briefly explores what's gotten me to where I am now.

    Berry College


    B.S. Psychology | Berry College
    M.S. Industrial/Organizational Psychology | UT Chattanooga
    Certification in Positive Psychology | University of Pennsylvania

    I've been a student of people and what makes us tick since the 1980s. My studies have helped me build and motivate teams, increase sales, improve marketing ROI and cope with the stress and strain of entrepreneurship. My passion for business and the successes I've had all come down to my love of people and deep fascination with our motivations.

    Mac's family


    Work without passion is like a kiss without a squeeze.

    I'm not exactly old as the hills, but I'm old enough to know what I like. And, I make a point to incorporate my passions into my work. My deepest, longest-abiding passions are, in no particular order:

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Psychology
    • Team Building
    • Helping Others
    • Creative Problem Solving
    Read more about my world views in this article I published on Inc.com.
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