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Facebook Is Everywhere.

And it's a good thing.

Facebook is everywhere. 
And yes, I really do think it's a good thing. Not only is it good for us as people, it's good for business (more on that later).
But first...
The Generic Birthday Wish
I'm not on Facebook a lot. Once or twice a week, on average. My lovely bride Jill, who is a natural social media maven, occasionally pokes fun at me for being an internet marketer who isn't active in social media as a part of my day to day routine. 
She's got a point there. My reluctance has been that I work in the space all the time, so I don't want to spend my social time there, too. 
But the recent passing of my last grandparent: my mom's mom, who we called Grandot, made me think about the good side of Facebook. And, I thought it was a worthy subject for my first blog post.
There are a couple common criticisms that people have about social media, and they can be summed up with this: it isn't humanly possible to have a meaningful relationship with more than 50 people at a time. So why bother having 2,000+ friends? 
This is why people poke fun at the fact that their connections who they know less well, or not at all, will wish them a happy birthday. We intrinsically "get" that it's weird to have so many people who we call friends.
Birthday wishes on Facebook from people who you barely know
I'm used to thinking of social media in that context: It's cool and all, but often, it feels like a superficial waste of precious time. My re-thinking happened when Grandot passed and I posted a simple remembrance of her, and a wide spectrum of close friends and less-close ones interacted with that post.
That's what brought the goodness of Facebook home to me: even though it's weird for us to have hundreds or even thousands (or millions, in some cases) of connections through social media, at its heart, it allows us to share our humanity with people who we otherwise would not be able to share with.
It is social media. It brings us together to celebrate happy moments and commiserate over the difficult ones. It allows us to be brought back to the fact that we really aren't in this life alone. 
Ultimately, though we can only maintain a deep relationship with a few handfuls of people at a time, we can play a small role in greater humanity by simply sharing and being open to offering small kindnesses to those who we know less well.
And really, what's so bad about random people wishing you a happy birthday?
Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive. - Dalai Lama
A Brief Thought on How This Is Good for Business
OK. I've poured on a little touchy feely, and I think you get my drift. I hope you even agree with me a little bit.
Here's what I think is really cool about this for business: 
Businesses, in general, NEVER go out of their way to be deliberately, unexpectedly kind to their customers.
Why does that matter? Because businesses that do go out of their way to be kind to customers -- especially on social media where it can be shared and marveled at by the jaded "I'm just a number to you" masses.
We all know the companies that do this, and guess what? Not only are they connecting with people and making their days, they're building their businesses with unprecedented sales and growth.
Kindness and connectedness are good business.
- Me
My take away from this line of thought is action item for today's to-do list: I will take an extra moment today to be kind to someone who you don't know. I think I'll do it both in person and on social media.
What are some of your favorite moments of kindness on social media?
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